Diesel Engine driven welder - VM SUN 2105 E2 Engine -  Three-phase asyncronous alternator  - Three-phase generation 16 kVA - Single-phase generation 12 kVA - Max welding current: 400A

The engine-driven welders TS 415 VS-BC and TS 415 VSX-BC are professional machines with electronic control of the welding current capable of delivering up to 400 A with a duty cycle of 60%.

They are equipped with a VM SUN 2105 E2 air cooled diesel engine and an asynchronous alternator. Thanks to the lower engine speed (1500 rpm) they are suitable for continuous operation in all conditions.

These welders are designed to satisfy the requirements of professional welding with direct current and can weld any kind of electrode (rutile, basic, cellulose) up to 8 mm in diameter. The characteristic BC (base current) is particularly suitable for vertical down pipe welding.

These are silenced engine-driven welders with compact canopy. Each model can be used simultaneously as a welder and as a three-phase and single-phase electrical generator up to 16 kVA.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, including large metal fabrications, oil pipelines and construction sites.

In according with CE regulation

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